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Gas Leak Repair

Never take a gas leak lightly. It's an emergency that must be taken care of right away.
If you smell a leak (it will have a sulfur-like odor), immediately exit the house, call 911 or your plumbing company, and shut off the gas line. We’ll take it from there.

Plumbing Safety First

From your heating to cooking, various appliances around the home are dependent on the gas supply. That’s why you may be tempted to repair the gas line yourself. Sometimes, the high costs of hiring a plumber in San Juan Capistrano may lead you to carry out DIY repairs. But we don’t recommend you dealing with gas repairs by yourself at all. It contains dangerous chemicals that are poisonous to your health, and any slight mishandling can lead to a fire. At Primewest Plumbing, your safety is our priority. Let us handle the repairs and replacement while you stay out of harm’s way.

Gas Leak Detection

Do you think there might be a leak, but you're not sure?
Don’t worry, we will check out all possible pipes to ensure there is no issue.
Whether the pipes are located under the basement or hidden away behind the attic, our cutting- edge technology and expert professionals will detect leaks and fix them right away. Isn’t that just what you want?

The Team For The Plumbing Job

At Primewest Plumbing, we take gas repairs and replacements very seriously.

Our certified and experienced professionals come equipped with protective gear and the right tools to handle a gas situation safely and thoroughly.
Whether it is a minor leak or the whole system is faulty, our team knows what to do with any type of gas problem.

Deciding On Replacement & Repairs

Mostly, a gas line can be repaired and ready to be used. But if the piping is old and risk-prone, we advise you to upgrade the system with advanced materials.
Also, if you’re installing gas lines for the first time, we’ll ensure you don’t need repairs any time soon.


Outstanding service. I called and Curtis was out in the same day. At first I only needed my garbage disposal replaced, then found my exterior piping broke today too. Curtis came out promptly and was able to diligently fix all of my problems, INCLUDING a FREE clogged sink. My plumbing was all sorts of mess and they came to my rescue, they are that good. Highly recommended. Good pricing.
I had a lot of different plumbing company's out to look at my sewage drain issue. Thankfully I found Curtis to trust to replace my piping. He is amazing and affordable prices. I will use him again and again for any and all of my plumbing issues.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

A few precautions, such as carbon monoxide alarms and regular inspection of the gas lines, can save you and your home from a dangerous situation.
Never hesitate when it comes to a gas problem.

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