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Sewer & Drain Service

Functional sewers and drains are necessary for any home or commercial space.
But when a problem occurs, you wouldn't want to fix it yourself. Sewers are dirty, hazardous to your health, and located underground and behind walls.
You need a team of professionals to repair or replace your sewers & drains- a team like Primewest Plumbing to cleanly do the dirty work - Serving Orange County, California Call Primewest Plumbing.

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Conventional Sewer Repair

A problematic sewer isn’t difficult to gauge. Look out for the following signs:

  • Low water level in the toilet

  • Longer times for the sink and bathtub to drain

  • Unusual puddles

  • unpleasant odor

  • Busted pipelines

Have your sewer checked out immediately if you experience these issues!

Conventional sewer repair is done the old-fashioned way, by digging. Excavation allows for a section of pipe to be exposed and then replaced with new material - but this means anything sitting on top has to go! While not ideal in every situation ( sometimes it’s necessary),

Causes Of Sewer Issues

There are several things that can cause a sewer to malfunction.

  • Mostly time & general wear and tear weaken the structure of the sewerage system.

  • The initial layout is incorrect or sub-par materials were used in the installation by the original builder.

  • Tree roots overgrow with water and nutreints and interfere with sewerage pipes.

  • Leaves, hair, waste, etc. get stuck & clog the drains.

At Primewest Plumbing, we use all the latest technology and safety gear to locate the cause of the issue.

Drain cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home's plumbing. This process can unblock sewer pipes or clogged wastewater drains, and it could also involve using a mechanical device such as the plumber’s snake (a long metal pole with interchangeable tools at its tip) to clear out blockages in any one specific area where you notice trouble flowing freely


The use of high-pressure water spray to inside your drain linesremove loose paint, mold and grime from surfaces is an age old cleaning technique that can be used in any environment.
The powerful force will break down organic materials like dirt or moss which have had enough time for growth on them before being washed away by this method; it also has reach far beyond where you'd expect - removing stuff stuck between cracks on tiles inside homes!


Trenchless technology is a more efficient and cost-effective way of installing pipes. Instead of trenching dirt with shovels, it uses pneumatics for horizontal directional drilling which can bore tunnels through rock without exposing workers to any dangers on site. This revolutionary method has seen huge improvements in residential plumbing while also decreasing construction timeframes from weeks into days!

Choose The Best Sewerage Replacement & Repair Service In San
Juan Capistrano, California – Choose Primewest Plumbing


Outstanding service. I called and Curtis was out in the same day. At first I only needed my garbage disposal replaced, then found my exterior piping broke today too. Curtis came out promptly and was able to diligently fix all of my problems, INCLUDING a FREE clogged sink. My plumbing was all sorts of mess and they came to my rescue, they are that good. Highly recommended. Good pricing.
I had a lot of different plumbing company's out to look at my sewage drain issue. Thankfully I found Curtis to trust to replace my piping. He is amazing and affordable prices. I will use him again and again for any and all of my plumbing issues.
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