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What is Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

Trenchless pipe installation is the perfect way to replace damaged or broken underground residential or commercial piping while also avoiding removal or flooring driveways & sidewalks, with the ability to bore through all types of dirt, this method comes highly recommended. And best of all, it's trenchless - meaning no more digging huge trenches in your yard! Whether you're working on a water main, gas line, or sewer line, the horizontal boring machine is the way to go. And you'll save a lot of time and money. So next time you're thinking about digging, consider giving Primewest Plumbing a call and ask about our trenchless services. Horizontal bores from 40 to 50 feet in length. The boring tool can be used in all soils: sand, loam & gravel. It can pull in a wide variety of new pipe materials.



What Are The Types Of Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

There are two different types of Trenchless sewer repair, pipelining, and pipe bursting. It is a type of construction that involves removing and replacing damaged sewer pipes.

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