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Pipes are a major concern for homeowners. But with PEX Repipes from Primewest Plumbing, you can finally enjoy peace of mind knowing that your leaky pipes will be fixed quickly and efficiently! 
I need some help with my plumbing. Can you solve the problem for me?

A quick look at your home's pipes and fixtures will show if they are in good working order or not functioning properly, which could be an issue due to old age; however it may also mean there’s something else going on such as leaks that need fixing right away! Please give us a call today before anything gets worse than expected
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The biggest problem with leaky pipes is you find out about them when the problem has escalated. But some indications can help you catch a problematic pipe before it gets worse. Has your water bill shot up all of a sudden? Is the water pressure slower than usual? Are your pipes making noise? Don’t ignore these signs, and get your pipes checked out immediately. If they’re old and faulty, we’ll replace them with new and flexible PEX Pipes right away!

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The PEX-A Solution For Your Pipes

Have you been noticing puddles in your backyard or water leaks around the house? These signs might indicate that it’s time to change out some of your plumbing. That's where Orange County-based Primewest Plumbing comes into play! We can help with any type and size repipe job, no matter how big or small - just contact us now for an estimate before things get worse  showers have turned from a few drops at most every other day

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Why PEX Is The Right Choice?

Wondering what brand and material you should opt for to get the house repiped? Your priority should be to have those pipes installed that do not cause the same problems as the old ones!

Here’s why PEX Pipes are the way to go for Orange County residents:


PEX pipes are some of the easiest to install. With fewer joints and durable material, the
chances of any leaks occurring are minimized.


The interior of PEX pipes is smooth. This means that the water flowing through them won't clog up with minerals like it would in other pipe materials such as copper plumbing for example!


PEX pipes are acoustically transparent, which means they don't make any noise when the water runs through them.


The PEX design  allows it to expand or contract as needed, avoiding any problems w/ weather conditions, and preventing stress breakages from expansion/contraction.


The components are built from affordable materials and they reduce water waste so your bill will also be low!


Discover The Uponor Difference With Our Innovative Plumbing Solutions

PEX Repipes With The Experts

If the water pipes are troubling you, don’t delay in replacing them.Call in Primewest Plumbing for excellent craftsmanship and a lasting solution to your pipe woes!

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