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Toilet Replacement & Repair in oRANGE County, California

Troubled by the non-functioning or leaky toilet?
It comes in the way of your daily living – particularly if you have only one toilet in the house.
Don’t worry, at Primewest Plumbing, we’ll help you fix it right away!

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Why You Shouldn’t DIY?

Expert Solutions

Whether you want to repair, replace, or install a toilet, we are equipped with the experience and
the expertise to serve you.
Here are some frequent problems we solve for San Juan Capistrano homeowners:


If an item, such as a children’s toy, is stuck in the toilet, we don't recommend you operate an
auger or plumbing snake and risk further damage.

We have the right equipment to remove it in no time.

Non-Stop Running or Leak

A leaky toilet wastes up to 200 gallons of water in a day. That means along with damaging the
flooring, it significantly raises your water bill.
We'll do the patchwork or replace the old parts with newer, durable ones to make sure the
problem doesn't recur.

Broken Parts

From the flush and flapper to the flange and gasket, any broken part of your toilet can pose a
We'll replace any such part with those from reliable, quality brands. Or if you need, we'll replace
the whole toilet.

Get The Broken Or Leaky Toilet Repaired or Replaced Today!

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Outstanding service. I called and Curtis was out in the same day. At first I only needed my garbage disposal replaced, then found my exterior piping broke today too. Curtis came out promptly and was able to diligently fix all of my problems, INCLUDING a FREE clogged sink. My plumbing was all sorts of mess and they came to my rescue, they are that good. Highly recommended. Good pricing.
I had a lot of different plumbing company's out to look at my sewage drain issue. Thankfully I found Curtis to trust to replace my piping. He is amazing and affordable prices. I will use him again and again for any and all of my plumbing issues.
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